Strolls with unique back of dromedary

What of better than to discover the most remarkable places of Marrakesh to back of dromedary? Typical of North Africa, this Camelidae will allow you to visit in any looseness and in a surprising way places of a great beauty. It is about an inescapable activity for your holidays, which will give you the opportunity to return you at the heart of authentic Marrakesh and neighborhood. Guides of the region of Marrakesh

Will make you discover sites underestimated in the majestic panoramas. Archetypal family exit this activity comes in numerous excursions everything around Marrakesh. Crossed by a stony desert, a visit of a palm grove, a stroll in the Berber villages: there is for all the tastes! You can also share a traditional lunch with inhabitants renowned for their hospitality, and have a walk very close to the immense Atlas Mountains.

Dromedary change of scenery

An excursion in ½ day

(morning or afternoon) Back of the camel

in the Palm Grove

250 dh

  • Transfer A/R on your place of place

  • Departure :  of Touareg Parc

  • Meal : Couscous, Tajine, Grilled (150 dh per person)

  • Return: the Touareg Parc